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curious tales of exactly 900 words


My first collection of short fiction is now available to buy. 

I challenged myself to write a short story of exactly 900 words, every month for three years. It was an exciting creative journey that also helped me to improve my work as a non-fiction / business writer. The result is this collection of tiny tales that answer some of life’s biggest questions. From sweary fables and ghost stories to science fiction and modern fairy tales about the world we live in. And from Pythonesque parodies to heartbreaking stories of love, you’ll find it all here, often in mind-bending proximity. Take it with you or shove it in your loo and consult whenever in need of delight, distraction or provocation.

"The quality that makes this collection so endearing is the broad range of topics, genres, and literary tools employed by the author. It's very much the writing of someone who writes for the enjoyment of it; while the stories here are marked by emotion, humor, insight, and literarily experimental ideas, none of them get too heavy-handed. It's a light journey through someone else's fun, and that fun is contagious."


The Limey Project

A 4,500 mile cycling odyssey into the curious heart of the USA


After some years of trying to sit down and write this, the book of my two-wheeled journey across the USA is now awaiting publication.


With paper maps, free from phones, wearing baggy shorts and old squash shoes, astride overloaded bikes and heading into winter, we naively but eagerly set off to cycle across the USA not once, but twice. From North to South and from West to East; from Seattle to Miami, via San Diego. We cross deserts, mountains and forests, and stop to relax in the salubrious cities. From being chased by dogs and losing our food to bears, to hiding out from hunters and enjoying Hollywood parties; getting lost, frozen and delirious along the way. This true story is a journey into the heart of America, an ode to cycling and its power to transform people and places, and an all round epic (and surreal) adventure.

Coming 3rd September 



New book in the planning for 2021: 

Ten Golden Rules - 

Communications skills for social entrepreneurs

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