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Theory, practice and detailed coaching to deliver perfect interviews every time. As a former journalist, I know what questions will come your way and how you can handle them to make every piece of coverage shout your key messages. One to one or with small groups of senior leaders / company spokespeople. Use video cameras for live feedback.


I have written speeches for global CEOs and delivered talks in high pressure and high profile environments. I have also digested most of what has been written about how to deliver the perfect speech so you don't have to. We will go through my 'ten golden rules', work on your content and delivery and then put it all into practice.

Most skills sessions last a quarter day.

More details on classes, timings and costs coming soon.




Exploring where stories come from, and how we can tell the best stories in the most powerful ways to make people engage with your brand and act. Can be general for groups or tailored around your specific business and change theory.


Writing well is one of the most powerful skills any leader or changemaker can have. Going through the theory, my own rulebook and plenty fo before & after examples, we drill in the knowledge then put it to the test. (Can be combined with storytelling for more tangible workshop outcomes).



What is PR and how can we use it to win people over to your brand? Having worked for several years in PR agencies and several more as a journalist, I can hare all the insights on where to start and how to make it a success, whether you are looking to level up your skills or find some quick wins.


Brands are powerful, and we all have one. We either let them evolve organically or we take control and make them work harder for us, attracting mroe attention, growing fans and being communities for change around us. I will show you how it's done.

Most classes range from a half day to one day.

More details on classes, timings and costs coming soon.



Combine some of the skills areas above or let's plan something new just for you. I can create learning and development experiences for individuals and groups, as a one-off or as part fo you rgaulr calendar. I deliver sessions in offices and also partner with learning centres to add to their existing offer. 

Maggie Casas, AssistiveWare

We were very pleased with the way he conducted the brainstorming workshops, making everyone feel heard. I would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with Adam in the future.

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